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Solutions to the professional UAV sector

Leading Edge Robotics ethos is simple, Find the Problem, Innovate, Create.

Experience in the field is a crucial part of solving any problem related with innovation. At Leading Edge, we understand the problems faced with certain UAV operations, both on land and at sea.

Having extensive knowledge in the renewables sector has proven invaluable, allowing us to further support our customers using our products in the field.








Leading Edge are continually innovating, here are some of the products now available to rent and purchase from us

Offshore Drone Stabilisation Platform

The ODSP is a fully Gyro-Stabilsed Platform for using in harsh marine environments or on vehicles off road.

Using internal and external IMU's thus enabling the platform to fully counteract pitch and roll movements up-to 20 degrees on either axis. 

A control box provides live information via a touchscreen interface allowing customisation and calibration of the mount. The control box will run from both 240v AC and 24v DC supplies. Furthermore, a high capacity battery solution is available where power options are restricted.

Ethernet connectivity is standard for connectivity to other systems or tablet interface.

The ODSP is IP67 rated and therefore can be used in the harshest of environments. This series is available in different models, payloads and configurations.

Field Operations Hub

The FOH is a dedicated communications hub for using in harsh environments. The FOH features an inbuilt dual-sim modem and router. POE 802.3af is standard for powering external networking equipment, likewise, features a variable DC output for laptops and other devices. The FOH compliments both our FGS and ODSP systems well, each can be powered respectively from one another. 

Uniquely, the FOH is designed to be powered by drone specific batteries. Current designs are based around DJI TB50/55/60 batteries. However, these can be customised for any drone battery, or specified with it's own built-in battery system.

Integrated 5ghz and 2.4ghz Wifi ensures all your devices are always online and remain connected.


Field Ground Station

The FGS is a case integrated ground station solution. Based around Lenovo Thinkpad series, this FGS can be customised for other brands and docking stations. 

The quick release dock allows the laptop to be easily released and removed from the case, ensuring all connections for network, SSD, card readers etc remain integrated to the dock.

The FGS will sit perfectly alongside the FOH, which seamlessly provides power and ethernet connectivity. 

Furthermore, the FGS can be used to monitor and program the ODSP, whilst used alongside drone ground control inspection or mapping software.

As with all of our case based solutions, we use genuine pelican cases every time.


Turning your ideas into reality.

We want to take other peoples innovations and turn them into something that can benefit them and others in the market place. 

Have an idea? Get in touch with us and we will see if its a design practical to take to market




Leading Edge Robotics was formed by a group of like minded individuals who all have extensive knowledge in their own respective fields. 

From robotics, to drones and electronics, the collective of this team allows problems to easily be realised and solutions to be created. 

One thing we have realised is that specialist industries often do not have the bespoke products needed to improve efficiency, workflow and safety. It is the responsibility of the individuals to improvise. 

However, improvisation is by no means a long term fix or solution, therefore we have taken these 'improvisations' and turned them in to high quality, tactile products giving end users peace of mind that they can improve their workflow and stand out from their competitors without figuring out how they are going accomplish this themselves.

This is where we have the Leading Edge.


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